APKChina.org is a Chinese company that connects international app developers with Chinese users.
China technical market is huge but special, fast growing but challenging. It will cost you a lot of time, money and resources to release your software products there. So, APKChina.org is established with the mission to help app developers grow their business in China easier and faster.
APKChina.org provides a series of services to help with our customers’ business growth in China, including app launch, app maintenance, app data management, app marketing, app testing, app localization, app solution, web registration, software development, social accounts management, software copyright registration, ICP license registration, etc. We are also growing our service scope to meet our customers’ requests. Our team will not only accurately execute customers’ requests but also provide customers with our suggestions to make the business decisions work better in China market.APKChina.org brand is registered under Pengli Software Ltd, located in Shanghai, China.
APKChina.org team consists of experienced app development engineer, app quality assurance, app marketing specialist, app localization specialist and other roles to handle all different requests from our customers. APKChina.org also have solid partnerships with many companies in related fields, who will work together with us to complete our customers’ requests.
APKChina.org welcome you to China!